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Professional Photography and Video for Wedding, Quinceaneras and special events in Fresno, Selma, Kingsburg, Delano, Visalia, Tulare, Bakerfield and Ridgecrest California.

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Once you decided your Wedding or Quinceañera’s Date, you come to the point you need Alonso's Photo and Video services, Your wedding photography will provide a long-lasting remembrance of one of the happiest days of your life. The right professional wedding photographer should deliver a complete selection of more>>

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Here you will find the most of the answers you may have

About Our Services.

Can the packages be altered? No, but some times we can do exceptions.

If I don't want the wallets, can I have a discount? No, actually the wallets are free because they have our web site

What are the prices for reprints?
Reprint Prices: 4X6..$5.00<>5X7..$7.00<>8X12..$15.00<>11X14..$25.00<>16X20..$50.00<>20X30...$80.00
these prices are for the print only No frame, No Lamination, No Board.

Can I have a Photo Studio in my reception? Yes at an extra cost of $ 250.00

Can you sent sample proofs by regular mail? Yes, just sent us your mailing address at

What kind of paper do you use? we use 100% photographic paper

Who's going to be my Photographer?
It depends on what package are you buying.

Can you project something at the reception? Yes, at an extra charge of $200.00 we provide 169" screen and projector

It's Digital or Film? We're 100% digital Photographers and Videographer's since 2006
Can enlargements be out of different poses? Yes, and the only ones than have to be the same are the wallets

What kind of proofs do you give us?
We're working only with Digital proofs and are delivered in a Slide Show DVD format with a time limit of 30 days,
and Posted in Our Web Site, at

When my pictures are going to be ready? Regular albums are ready in 10 days after your chose the ones you want from the website

Can I buy extra prints aside from my package? Yes, that's our business we'll be more than happy with that

Do you choose the enlargement? No and you have to decide on them within 15 days

Do you sell de Negatives or Digital Files? We don't sell them until we're done with all the extra orders and enlargements after that they will cost you $250.00 on a CD.

Do you sell pictures at the reception? Not at the reception but we pass along little flyers with info so people can buy prints from our web site.
Do you dress formal for the events? Yes all in black and some times gray. short sleeve on summer and coat in the winter.

At what time do you leave the reception place? It depends on the package Basic: 9:00 pm Regular: 10:00 pm. And 11:00 pm. on the Super One.

About Payments

How much will be the deposit to signup the contract? It's required the 25%.

Do you accept Credit cards? Yes We Do! Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express.

Can I do Payments? Yes and the full amount must be paid 10 days before the event.

How far do you go?
We cover 100 miles around Fresno CA. at no extra charge.

What kind of payments do you accept? Cash, Checks and Credit Cards and and PayPal

Can I upgrade my package? Yes, with at least 15 days before your event.

Can I cancel my Package? NO but you can transfer it to a relative or friend

It's the money refundable? No but if you notify us before 15 days we hold your money up to one year.

Still having questions? give us a call to (559) 978-3596 or e-mail us.

We have three different packages to fit your needs and your budget, the first it's the most complete and it comes with everything on it, like The New Digital Album, a Giant 24X36 Picture with a Deluxe Frame a Video w/2 DVD and a lot more.

The second one it's medium package with Video and Photos at reasonable price.

And the basic as it's name implicates it has a basic coverage, a regular album with 100 regular pictures, but we're including the 16X20 Print with Frame
Well any package than we offer comes with our 100% total satisfaction and our warranty.
Would you like to receive our Brochure with all our info and prices? sent us your address!