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Once you decided your Wedding or Quinceañera’s Date, you come to the point you need Alonso's Photo and Video services, Your wedding photography will provide a long-lasting remembrance of one of the happiest days of your life. The right professional wedding photographer should deliver a complete selection of more>>

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YES. WE CAN. No matter what's wrong with your photo, we've seen it before. And we've fixed it.

From B&W to Color.

The photo restoration specialists at Alonso's Photo combine old-fashioned artistry with digital technology to repair stained, spotted, torn, cracked, bleached and faded images like yours every day. Just take a look at some of our photo restoration work.

Memories are priceless, and what is a photograph but a frozen moment in time? Children grow up, and loved ones are lost. But with our photo restoration services, those moments live on. Even though nobody restores more photos than Alonso's Photo, every photo is precious to us.  We treat your photos with the care a family heirloom deserves.

So, get those precious photos out of the shoebox and take them to your local, Alonso's Photo Studio.


Founded in 2000, Alonso's Photo is the leading provider of photo restoration services in the photo industry. we digitally restore old or damaged photographs for consumers across North America and around the world.

At Alonso's Photo, we’re passionate about old photographs. We realize that the images we repair are tied to cherished memories and, often, to loved ones passed on. Our skilled artists will faithfully restore your photo with the utmost care to every detail.

Choosing Alonso's Photo dealer guarantees you’ll get a flawless restoration that will last a lifetime. We will make a professional scan, which is essential to give our artists the best raw material to work with. And you'll get a long-lasting archival print. Most important, you'll deal face-to-face with a real person.

Old Photo Restored

The photo restoration specialists atAlonso's Photo use the latest digital technologies, combined with old-fashioned artistic skill, to restore faded, worn, stained, spotted, torn, cracked, bleached, faded and other damaged photographs. No matter what’s wrong with your photo, our experienced artists have seen it before - and they’ve fixed it!

When you take your photo to us, it never leaves the store. In fact, our artists will never touch your original photo. We will scan the photo, creating the digital image that our specialists will work with. The images are transferred over our intranet.

Working with digital images also allows us to offer highly specialized services, including realistic colorization of black-and-white images, background changes, and even adding or removing people! Call us (760) 398-9961